For the past few days I've been participating in a phenomenal conference called "Super Business Models." I got a lot of great takeaways for promoting my business and just knowing I'm not alone in this quest of work at home women was great. Surely I know I'm not, however it often feels that way. In addition I got some great takeaways for you, the business owner, on implementing online events or ways to improve your current strategy. I'm sure the collaborators of this event may not have even realized this to be an additional asset for participants and then again maybe they did.

This was my very first time participating and listening to this group of women. One of the most familiar to some is Carrie Wilkerson, the Barefoot Executive. I'd seen her name on different blogs, however I hadn't taken the time to see what she was all about. Nicole Dean of EasyPLR I'd become familiar with from a blog of a blog and have become quite intrigued with the content offered at

I can't remember who's newsletter I was reading when I saw this event, but it was in two different ones. The first time I was curious because it said it was free. I signed up and then got the schedule. I noticed they were doing two calls per day and the first one was at 5am my time. I thought this is ridiculous who's going to make that time. I immediately unsubscribed.

Then a day or so later I got another newsletter and it said they were offering two time slots, one for those in the UK and one for the USA. I had a quick DUH! moment and understood why I was seeing a 5am scheduled call. It would be 10am in the UK. The USA call would be later in the evening, 9pm for me. I went back to the site and registered again.

Takeaway #1: Schedule two calls to accommodate our friends on the other side of the world. Make it known the call will be replayed a second time for USA participants. In fact you may find USA participants on that first early call as well, just like I was on day one of the teleconference. (Yeah I know what I said)

This series was written to help spark ideas in how you can improve your online event planning. And if you've never done an online event now is the best time to do so. Use the takeaways to improve how you do your online events.

This is a 5 part series so stay tuned for Takeaway #2