A few weeks ago I participated in a phenomenal conference for women biz owners. I got some great takeaways to help you with your next online event. Each takeaway is based on my observation of the event itself as opposed to the information offered. I noticed immediately the line-up of presenters. The event was 6 days and there were 2 superbizmodels each day and can you believe this event was absolutely FREE! I couldn't believe it either. As I mentioned in the previous post Carrie Wilkerson founder of the Barefoot Executive and Nicole Dean of EasyPLR were among the many influential women presenting at this teleconference. The entire event was 6 days and 90 minutes of valuable information that you could immediately apply following the event. It far exceeded my expectation and once again it was absolutely FREE! The only thing I had to do was register by providing my name and email address. It was just like when Oprah was giving out the FREE grilled KFC sandwich coupons except when you arrived at the restaurant you not only got what you ordered but you got something extra on the side!


Takeaway #2:

  • Give it away and offer the replay for a small fee and then give some more away!

    The conference was free and if you wanted the recordings they were a nominal fee starting at $47 plus additional bonuses. This is beneficial for both the presenters and folks like me listening in. The presenters gain new contacts on their list in addition to adding more people to they're loyal following. Just imagine, after hearing your story, quality information, and valuable tips your opt-in box will be going crazy and so will your shopping cart as people are looking to gain more, more, more of what you have to offer. This is one of the reasons I'm so fascinated with the internet, technology and how we're able to share more and more each day. Teleseminars, webinars, informational products all allow us to be everywhere at the same time giving the same message improving the lives of others. For your next online event serve up a free sandwich offer by surrounding the buy with much FREE!

  • Join with others!

    Whether you're just starting out or have many years of experience create a joint venture with other biz owners who are also looking to do an online event geared towards a common audience.


    Think of how many people you'd be able to reach when you combine your list with theirs. And if you're just getting started imagine the list you'll build by presenting at this one event. Joint ventures are a great way to kick start your online business. There's alot that can be accomplished when you form a team of super business owners with a common goal. You'll reach far more people than you've ever imagined. People like to get information and buy from those they feel comfortable with and what better way to make someone feel comfortable than to be referred by someone they already know and trust.

This series was written to help spark ideas in how you can improve your online event planning. And if you've never done an online event now is the best time to do so. Use the takeaways to improve how you do your online events. This is a 5 part series so stay tuned for Takeaway #3.