TwitterEver thought to encourage your teleseminar participants to tweet about your event? How about during your event?

For the "Super Business Models" teleseminar we were encouraged to tweet about the event and use a special #keyword when mentioning the event. What happened afterward was totally amazing and I almost missed it.

The first 2 nights I didn't get what was going on. But on Saturday night I had an Ah Ha! when barefoot_exec tweeted to follow everyone who tweeted #supbizmodels by going to Ingenious! I immediately tweeted about the event and went to to add all of the participants who participated in the event to my Twitter account.

Can you guess what happened when I began following other biz owners like myself with similar interest? They followed me back. In a very short period of time I gained almost a hundred followers and that was after the first night of using

Using this system was beneficial for both participants and presenters. As we tweeted about the event anyone on our list could have easily become intrigued and checked out the event for themselves. In fact, someone did reply to a tweet who knew nothing about the conference. I'm sure she signed up and joined the teleconference. Don't you just love a win-win.

And don't just limit the tweets to pre-event promotions, encourage them to tweet during the call as well.

Takeaway #3: Encourage participants to tweet your event and provide a keyword using the hash or # sign in front. This will make it easy to identify everyone when searching from As a result more people learn about your event and see it over and over making others want to get registered. And those who've tweeted now have the opportunity to engage with others with the same interest and gain followers themselves.

This series was written to help spark ideas in how you can improve your online event planning. And if you’ve never done an online event now is the best time to do so. Use the takeaways to improve how you do your online events.

This is a 5 part series so stay tuned for Takeaway #4