Twitter I know during a teleseminar you've got a lot going on as you present. However what if you tweeted special nuggets and tips during your event. How could this happen?

During the "Super Business Models" conference barefoot_exec tweeted throughout the teleseminar by providing nuggets and tips she got from the current speaker. This in turn encouraged all of us as participants to tweet what we were getting out of the presentation as well. Remember takeaway #3? Well since we were following each other we could see what everyone else was tweeting as well. It became an informal tweetchat. The interaction alone made this teleseminar special.

Back to barefoot_exec and her tweets. I don't know if this conference was her brainchild however in my mind I'd given her all of the credit because she remained plugged in throughout the event. And these weren't scheduled tweets either. How do I know? Well when I responded regarding how she does her videos she immediately responded back and offered a great tip. Curious?

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Using this system was beneficial for both participants and presenters. As we tweeted about the event anyone on our list could have easily become intrigued and checked out the event for themselves. In fact, someone did reply to a tweet who knew nothing about the conference. I'm sure she signed up and joined the teleconference. Don't you just love a win-win.

And don't just limit the tweets to pre-event promotions, encourage them to tweet during the call as well. If you cannot personally tweet yourself. Call in your virtual troops and have them tweet your nuggets and tips. Little Secret: You can even provide them with the nuggets and tips prior to the call. The main point is to be engaged during the call since you never know when someone is going to retweet you or respond to something you've tweeted. Staying plugged in keeps everyone engaged just like being together in one room.

Takeaway #4: Remain plugged in throughout the call whether it's live or pre-recorded, especially for a virtual conference. By getting minute by minute tweets I felt as though we were all in the same room. I'm not sure you can tell, but this got me really excited. Not only did I walk away with valuable information and encouragement, but I got a whole blog series out of the deal. You just never know where your blessings will come from or what they'll look like. You just have to be ready for when they do!

This series was written to help spark ideas in how you can improve your online event planning. And if you’ve never done an online event now is the best time to do so. Use the takeaways to improve how you do your online events.

This is a 5 part series so stay tuned for Takeaway #5