InstantTeleseminar is frequently used and is capable of much more than a phone line and webconferencing. You can customize your event pages, have the audio replay from your own website, and you can upload pre-recorded audio to play during your teleclass.

Listed below are a few ways to brand your teleclass so it is consistent with the look and feel of your website.

  1. Customize your event pages

    You may have heard it over and over, "all roads should lead to your blog". However if you're presenting a teleclass with InstantTeleseminar and use the "Attend This Event" link, the road will lead to their site and not your own. In order to brand your event and make the page look like you and your website, why not customize the real estate made available on InstantTeleseminar. Think of it as if you're creating a poster for your event only smaller of course.

    Here's a visual of the space you can customize for your event.

    It's just enough to include your logo, event name, and event time. You have the option to include more information if you don't mind the side scrollbar. When promoting your event using the "Attend This Event" link, your customers will now see what you want them to see instead of the standard InstantTeleseminar page. You can customize the screen for pre/during/and post event pages similar to posting on WordPress.

  2. Add the replay directly to your own web site

    If you completed the emini e-course on "How to Plan Stress Free Teleclasses" or you read "10 Tips to Planning Stress Free Events", then you know I'm all for providing the replay of your event. It's the best way to build your list and not have to worry about scheduling to meet everyone's calendar. No matter where someone is across the globe they'll be able to participate either live or with the recording.

    In the teleclass I did this weekend, I got a lot of people wishing they could listen, but were unable to. I let them know the replay would be available. I even got sign-ups after the fact as a result.

    In providing your replay, you can use the player provided by InstantTeleseminar and have it stream from their site. If you want to make it downloadable, you can use their link or better yet download and place it on your server and rename the file. Remember you don't want participants trying to figure out what 36582639.mp3 is two months from now. Make it clear what it is and who it's from.

    Of course there are podcast plug-ins that will also do this for you. However, that's a few more extra steps than copying and pasting the code provided by InstantTeleseminar.

  3. Add pre-recorded audio to your event

    Wouldn't it be neat to play an intro song before you start your presentation? It would be a nice add for your replay as well. Maybe you could play the same short clip each time you did a presentation. Or maybe you'd like hold music to play as everyone enters the call.

    You could even use this feature to play a pre-recorded interview or presentation.

    InstantTeleseminar allows you to upload MP3 files up to 25Mb or you can use the audio clips provided. They've got some that can be played as your hold music, intro for right before the presentation, and outro for when you've finished your presentation.

    If you'd like to provide a message at the end of every call maybe something that includes your website and social media links you could upload that and play it at the end of every call. And since it's being recorded those listening to the replay will hear it as well.

These are just a few benefits offered by InstantTeleseminar that you may not be taking advantage of. I participate in several teleclasses each week and none are using these 3 features.

Give it a whirl and let me know how it turned out.