Tiffany On Blab

Have you heard of Periscope? The best description I’ve seen is on Marie Claire:

“What is Periscope? And what does it do?

Periscope is a “live video streaming platform”, which basically means you can transmit a live recording of yourself to your Persicope and Twitter followers. Imagine Skyping someone, but instead of video calling a single person, you’re instead linked up to the whole community. Not only that, whoever’s watching you can comment and ask questions. These show up on your screen whilst broadcasting making it easy to answer and interact.

That sounds just like a webchat or Google Hangout…

It basically is. The big difference though is that it’s designed as a mobile app, so people use it frequently and off-the-cuff when they are out and about. Also, because Periscope is owned by Twitter, it automatically links up with your Twitter account. This means when you do a live transmission it appears on your Twitter newsfeed making it easier to build up followers from the word go.”


What about Blab? And what does it do?

Blab is similar to Periscope EXCEPT

  • up to four people can be included on the video chat
  • you can host blabs from your computer or mobile device

Blab is similar to web chat or Google Hangout EXCEPT

  • currently you cannot share your screen
  • there is no way to make your blabs private

Next week, I’m hosting a Blabinar (online seminar using Blab). Can you come?

It’s about mapping click through funnels from beginning to end.

Previously, you created and focused a good portion of your energy on the actual product itself such as your free offer, digital product, or online event, etc. Everything was centered around the process of what happens before and during. However, what about the after? What did you want to happen long after someone absorbed your content? Was that it or did you want them to take another step?

Like most of us, our customers won’t take another step unless we provide what that next step is. Whether you are launching a free offer, product, or online event, or need to revise what you currently have, this blabinar is for you.

  • Discover how to map out your click through funnel from start to finish
  • The biggest mistake business owners make when it comes to click through funnels
  • 5 essential elements needed before you start any click through funnel
  • How a virtual team can help you keep the main thing, the main thing (content and community)

You don’t want to miss it!

#Blabinar…Mapping Your Click Through Funnel

Wednesday, September 2nd

1PM Eastern AND 8PM Eastern

Click the link below and Subscribe to the time that works best for you:



P.S – I cannot make any promises regarding the replay. Recordings are available on Blab; the technology is in beta. No pressure 🙂 Will I see you there?