I put my foot in my mouth when I posted:

Do something you’ve never done before!

I was called to the carpet to think of something I’d never done before. Ummm, I kept thinking about it.

Sure, there are lots of things I’ve never done before:

  • Skydiving

  • Ice Skating

  • Roller Blading

  • Snorkeling

  • Fishing

  • Hunting

  • Deep Sea Diving

Notice how they’re all related to some type of activity either outdoor or indoor.

I started to wonder why I’d never done those things and realized because I’m not interested in doing them.

The things we really want to do, we figure it out. Sure we have big dreams of things that may require more money or time, but for the most part the daily things that are right in front of us, right at our finger tips, the things we want to do within those realms…

The cool part about it all is that there is always something that we are unaware of, but when we find out about it and evaluate whether it’s something we’re interested in, guess what…
We go do it!

Our challenge is to get outside of complacency and being comfortable with how we do things. You know the simple stuff like:

  • the way you drive home

  • which grocery store you go to

  • the food you eat

  • your activities outside of work and church (same ole, same ole)

Let’s all strive to do something we’ve never done before or at least something different.

  • Take a different route this week

  • Approach a new project differently

  • Talk to a complete stranger about something other than the weather and your business

  • Wave to your neighbors when you drive through the neighborhood

This is my never done something before:

This blog post was written freehand meaning I didn’t over concern myself with what anyone would think about it and had fun in the process. I also did not think about one stinkin’ keyword. (I think I just stuck my tongue out at the SEO who-ha’s, don’t ask what that means, I made it up…lol!)

Now granted it took a while to get to this point, however I’M HERE! Shouldn’t blogging be that way. Fun, informative, and somewhat relaxed. I got out of corporate to move away from the suits and stuffy atmosphere. It’s crazy to create it in my own environment.
I’m stopping here:)

And if you’re still trying to keep up with someone else please don’t. Be different: What Is Your Unique Factor?

If you’ve never clicked the tweet button below, play with that, have a ball! Something different right;)

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