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What You Need In Order To Sell That E-Book And The Differences In PayPal, 1ShoppingCart, PayLoadz, And E-Junkie

By: Tiffany Johnson

What’s needed to start selling your first product?

I. Product

You need a product. What will you provide? Will it be an E-Book, MP3, videos?

Consider the graphics you’ll use to show off your product. Make sure what you’re showing makes sense with the product itself. If you’re selling a video series, it may be confusing to your audience if the image is a spiral bound E-Book.

Consider the size of your product. Most shopping carts have limits on the file size for delivered digital products. In addition, your customer may not have the storage space on their computer to house a large set of videos.

II. Sales Page

The dilemma on this is usually copy. I completely understand this struggle as I am working to improve this skill myself. It’s also something that you can outsource to someone with experience and a proven track record.

You could also give a brand new copywriter a chance to get some experience with your sales page for a lower rate. It works for both sides and saves a lot of time on your end. If you’ve even attempted to write your own copy, you’ve come to realize that attention grabbing and copy that connects doesn’t come from wishful thinking or starring at the ceiling. It takes much practice.

III. Plan

Decide what you want the flow to look like for your customer from the time they land on your sales page to a week from their purchase.

  • How will they receive their product?

  • Will you continue the relationship after purchase?

  • Are you going to check on them regarding the product to see if they have questions, are enjoying it, or can share their results?

This is the part of the sales process that gets overlooked by many first time sellers.

See your customers at their computer as they go through the purchase process. Become them and see how friendly your system is and if the information and instructions you provide regarding how to download the product. Are they helpful in retaining customers or hurtful and cause them to be even more confused.

IV. Test

You definitely want to test everything from beginning to end. Give it a final run from the customers point of view. In fact, if you can, have a friend, or family member make a test purchase and get their feedback on the process. The less tech savvy they are the better. This will give you a true sense of what could happen.

It will also help you identify what part of your system needs tweaking and even help you come up with some commonly asked questions.

If you get the sales process right the first time out, it will make it that much easier the second time around.

The video below provides additionally information specifically regarding special promotions such as black Friday. Also, it reviews the differences in PayPal, 1ShoppingCart, PayLoadz, and E-Junkie

How will you use your shopping cart?

It depends on what you will be using it for right now, meaning TODAY, meaning with the product you’re about to put up on your sales page NOW. Not in the coming months or next year.

Remember your customers are just looking for the ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Add to Cart’ button to let them purchase. They’re not monitoring which cart system you’re using. Many people start out with PayPal and then upgrade to something like 1ShoppingCart.

Unless they’re like me and are just interested in the most used systems.

In addition to the ability to purchase products through your shopping cart system, are you looking to:

Send out broadcast, messages, or newsletters?

Send autoresponder messages?

Have your own affiliate program?

Deliver digital products?

This is helpful in determining which shopping cart will work best for your current needs. If anything is planned for the future, you can always switch to a new shopping cart system.

In order of simplicity:

  • PayPal

  • E-Junkie

  • PayLoadz

  • 1ShoppingCart

Bottom line, choose a shopping cart that works for you where you are right now. It will save a lot of frustration and headache.

Now it’s your turn:) Please share in the comments below which shopping cart you use and why.