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purpose of this blog

The purpose of this blog is to really brain dump everything that comes to mind regarding your WordPress website that you may not have thought of. I live, eat, and breathe the online world. And ideas flow like water sometimes and since I cannot do a strategy session with each of you, this is my way of doing so.

It’s also to stress the importance of being your authentic self and understand your unique factor as a person. You’d be amazed at the number of dull boring websites created each day because of what someone thought was the way to go. I can certainly relate. This website started that way too. I wrote a blog post about –> here

Lastly, many of my clients have a voice, something to say that shouldn’t be confined to a local area so we talk about TeleClasses on the blog too. You can get the free report which provides some helpful tips to get started here –> Anyone Can Do A Teleclass

You’ll also be the first to get the “Why didn’t I think of that” tutorials for WordPress each week and sometimes twice a week:)

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We get asked a lot about services and you may be wondering that as well, so here’s the run down on the services we provide.

  • Create WordPress Websites
  • Website maintenance
  • Social Media content management
  • Blog and eNewsletter content management
  • Free offer setup
  • Sales page setup
  • 1Shopping cart setup
in the beginning

This is me in 1998 at the best job I have ever had in Dallas, TX. See that happy face!

Late summer 2000 I got a great contractor position and moved back to my home state.

Virtual Hired Hand - North Carolina

7 months later I was laid off. I got another contractor position in IT, then 9/11 occurred, I got laid off again. I got out of IT for good, so I thought:)

After spending several years away from IT, I made my way back in 2007. I got a part-time contractor gig as a report analyst which means I ran manual excel reports detailing monthly and weekly data for various departments. I mastered pivot tables and doing complex formulas in Excel, way more than I ever wanted to think about. This rekindled my love for computers, programming, and learning new technology.
Eventually, the job made me sick (my diagnosis, get the full story here).I Got Sick
home based business

Early spring 2008, I discovered the online job board Elance.com from a blog of all things:) and the rest is history. I work full-time from the comforts of my home like I dreamed of when I graduated from college. Only back then, I had no idea it was truly possible.

The corporate world is not in my future, but I do use every single thing I learned to provide clients with the best. Don’t take my word for it, let them tell you –> Testimonials
You can get the complete story on the evolution of Virtual Hired Hand –> here
contact us

We love to be contacted by email simply because when’s the last time you played email tag? Never! Email is non-disruptive and waits for you when you’re ready and available to read it. Minus technical glitches, it never misses. Contact us –> here

thanks in advance

Thanks for your time and hopefully you’ve given me the chance to become fast friends! It’s always a FABULOUS one around here, at least we see to it anyway:)

Make it a FABULOUS one!


P.S – You can learn more about me –> here