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Staying Up Until 2am To Complete Your Podcast?

One Podcast Episode Could Take 6 Hours Of Your Day, Not Including The Actual Recording Of Your Episode.
It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way. Do What Smart Podcasters Are Doing

Time To Find A Podcast VA To Take Over Most Of The Work,
Saving You Time And Money
It Also Doesn’t Hurt To Have Fresh Ears On Your Content

Looking for a podcast VA?

Hello Fellow Podcaster,
My name is Tiffany Parson and I started testing the waters of podcasting in 2011. Before I started coaching virtual assistants, I would get a lot of questions about how to get started, where to find clients, what to charge, and so on.The podcast was a great platform for me to share the information with several virtual assistants at one time instead of one on one. I would record for 15 minutes sharing tips for virtual assistants.

At that time, I was using a platform that didn’t belong to me. The podcast wasn’t on my website or through my own podcast hosting. When I decided to change, I realized I couldn’t just post the audio without text. I needed my words as well for both the readers and Google.

Having done transcription projects in the past for clients as a virtual assistant, I figured I’d transcribe my own recordings. BIG Mistake!

I failed at it.

It cost me time and money.

You may be experiencing this very thing right now.

I wasted 8 hours because I found it difficult listening to my own voice on audio and was too critical of myself. I’d re-record episodes and transcribe them again, repeatedly.

Once, I thought about writing out my words first so I’d technically have a transcription and just read it for the recording. I tried and it wasn’t natural. I recorded it again with ad libs as I read thinking that would make it better.

The recording turned out fine, but guess what?

Yes, you guessed it…I had to go back through the transcription to include the ad libs.

Can you relate to spending your time trying to transcribe your own podcast episode and kicking yourself because you lost an entire day and still aren’t satisfied with the end result?

Or maybe you’ve tried outsourcing in the past and found it took up more time explaining and editing than it was worth?

Either way, it’s exhausting. Who feels like doing another podcast episode when so much work, time, and effort is required on the back end?

Surely you can relate.

  • Because I was doing it myself I couldn’t work on something else at the same time. Instead,
  • It took away from time I would normally spend with my family or for myself
  • I was miserable because of all the energy spent doing something I didn’t enjoy
  • I lost sleep because of thinking about what didn’t get done and trying to figure out how to get it all done the next day
  • My confidence as a podcaster decreased and I started second guessing everything
  • Episode deadlines I had set for myself got pushed further and further back because of the time required to get one episode published
  • Other projects took longer than they should have causing me to lose money and forgo new projects that came my way

and then…

I had an ‘ah-hah’, light bulb moment. More like a slap myself in the face big DUH moment!

After Spending 8 Hours Doing This Myself, I Realized There Was A Better Way And It Had Been In Front Of Me All Along

Everything that I lost, I gained back. More time, money, energy, confidence. I was able to help others in the process. It became easier and more enjoyable to do my podcast and other projects. I knew what I had to provide would be heard by those who wanted it most and nothing was going to stop me.

It’s time you get some help just like I did.

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Here’s the break down of everything needed to get a podcast off the ground after you’ve recorded.

  1. Register Podcast on iTunes & Stitcher
  2. Transcribe Audio File
  3. Spellcheck & Validate Links
  4. Add intro and outro to audio file
  5. Optimize MP3 for iTunes & Stitcher
  6. Upload podcast to host provider
  7. Setup Podcast Episode on the blog

The biggest things that will cost you is TIME and MONEY.

To learn all seven listed, it will take you 6 hours.

If your primary business is a coaching and your hourly rate is $250, it would cost $1500 to learn this yourself.

Once you have learned everything, it’s time to start doing it regularly for your weekly podcast.

If you host a 15 mins weekly podcast, it takes 8 hours a week to complete an episode from beginning to end excluding your recording time.

Using, the coach example from before, it will cost $2000 each week to complete your podcast from beginning to end excluding your recording time.

Multiply that by 4 and it will cost $8000 a month to complete your podcast keeping in mind that does not include the recording of the actual show episodes.

This means, you’re losing $19,000 the first month and

$16,000 the second month and each one there after by doing this all yourself and not signing up with ThePodcastVA.

You’re losing time and money because not only are you doing this all yourself, you’re also not coaching anyone for your main business during that time.

What is it worth to you to not have to do this yourself?

Is it worth $19,000 to do what smart podcasters do?

Is it worth $16,000?

Fortunately, the investment to signup for ThePodcastVA is not even close to one-third of $16,000.

Our service allows you to maintain your optimum energy level, gain more time to do income producing activities, WHILE your podcast is being done for you.

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We Provide…

Transcript Services:

Host Only – starts at $360

Host + 1 Guest – starts at $450


  • Full Transcript
  • Show Notes
  • Transcript delivered in .pdf and .docx formats

WordPress Services:

starts at $199 includes:

  • Post and Schedule podcast episode in WordPress.
  • Setup a podcast player on website if needed.

Audio Services:

  • Add Intro & Outro – starts at $139
  • Add episode details and podcast artwork to MP3 file – starts at $129
  • Add To Host Provider (i.e Libsyn) – starts at $89

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$99 setup fee for all service memberships.

All Services Are Based On 4 Podcast Episodes

It could either cost you $16,000 or $360 when you become a smart podcaster and signup for our podcast management service membership.

Waiting until next week means one less episode that gets published for your podcast.

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you found this letter helpful.

All the best,

Tiffany Parson

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