The Power Of Facebook Comments - Virtual Hired Hand

Imagine someone posts a comment on your website using their Facebook login. Their comment shows up on your blog posts of course, but that’s only the beginning.

It not only shows up on your blog posts for Facebook comments, it also shows up on their Facebook wall. Do you know what that means?

It means all of their friends on Facebook see their latest post. Not only does it show their comment, it also shows a link to your site which includes whatever image is attached to that blog post.

Someone reading the original commentors latest Facebook update can comment on it and also like it themselves, which in turn will show up on their Facebook wall.

Not only are you getting really cool looking comments on your blog site, you’re also getting an even greater opportunity of being seen and read by many more.

I’m really excited that it takes the Facebook like functionality a step further by including a picture and blurb that you used on your blog posts. People are always drawn to images and more likely to click when they see one.

Here’s a Facebook comment I did:

Here’s my wall following that comment:

As you can see someone has already “Liked” the comment. Ah Ha!

Also, something you may not have noticed is the link where is says via ‘Virtual Hired Hand’.

Click here to what happens if you when you click that link in Facebook.

This gives you another opportunity for people to learn about who you are and what you do. To me this is just like MarketMeSuite where it brands your tweets. In this instance, your Facebook comments are branded with your business name.

Oh boy! Can you see why I got goose bumps about this?

Facebook comments gives you even more leverage to be seen again and again without even trying. When commentors post they’re sharing with their friends what they thought about your blog post. Most friends will take a looksy and find out what their friend is talking about and viola your blog post is on track for going viral.