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I can be guilty of over thinking things. My analytical skills and sense of systematizing come in handy when it comes to work flow, reviewing data, coding, creating systems, and so on. However, when it’s time to post on social media it’s important for me to take that hat off and let things flow, within reason of course.

The other day after going back and forth with what I was going to post next on Facebook, God laid this on me:

Some people over think their updates while others don’t think at all. Find the midpoint and relax.”

This was huge for me and I knew I had to post it on Facebook.

Promote and Engage on Facebook

There will be times when you may be hesitant to share something on social media. However, my guess is that it’s not just for you, but for someone else to. The next time you’re over thinking not just social media, but your blog post or next online event, find the midpoint and relax.

This week find out how Facebook determines whether or not what you’re posting shows up in the newsfeed. Also check out the latest updates and requirements for prompting on Facebook.

You’ll get this and more in this week’s weekend roundup!

Enjoy your family, enjoy your friends, enjoy this issue!

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Updates You Want To Know

    1. Facebook Offers: Minimum Requirement Dropped to 100 Likes

Facebook Offers is an advertising feature that allows businesses to create discounts or promotions for their products and services. This was originally only available to users with at least 400 Likes, but now pages with as little as 100 Likes are seeing this option become available to them. It appears that this is rolling out slowly and the new minimum applies to Promoted Posts as well.

Case Study

    1. Small Businesses Use LinkedIn More Than Facebook

According to a new survey, LinkedIn is the social media site that is used most often by small business owners. 41 percent of those surveyed attributed the site as their most valuable means for growth. Of course, the usefulness of this site will vary depending on the type of business and whether they are targeting a professional demographic.

Tips You Don’t Want To Be Social Without

    1. Understanding Facebook’s EdgeRank

EdgeRank is the algorithm used by Facebook to determine which users will see a particular post show up in their News Feed. You may be disappointed to learn that posts have a limited reach, but understanding how EdgeRank works may help you reach more of your audience. This article explains the four factors that determine a post’s reach.

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