Promoting Friends on Facebook and the Video Face Off Between YouTube and Facebook

Important Social Media Updates You Want To Know & Tips You Can’t Be Social Without
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Updates You Want To Know

1.        Now You Can Pay To Promote Your Friends’ Facebook Posts To More People, Even Without Their Permission

Having friends that support you and being able to reciprocate is a great feeling.  Now, when you see a friend’s Facebook post that deserves to get noticed you can pay to promote it.  Perhaps someone will do the same for you so more of your fans will see your post appear in their news feed.  This is an excellent way to gain support for something like a fundraising event.

 2.                   Pheed is feeding teens’ thirst for social media

Pheed has now passed Facebook to become the top free social app.  Their sudden popularity is largely due to a few teens with a large online following that have enthusiastically promoted the site.  Pheed includes a combination of features from many other social networking sites and allows users to post photos and videos with no restrictions on content size.

Case Study

3.           Which Video Format Is Better For Engagement: Facebook Or YouTube?

When sharing a video on Facebook you may have wondered whether to post it directly to this site or upload it to YouTube and share it from there.  One company examined how people respond to videos shared through these two different methods.  The chart in this article quickly shows how these compare in likes, comments, and shares.


Tips You Don’t Want To Be Social Without

4.              7 Ways to Tell Stories (Truthful Ones) to Sell Online

Telling a meaningful story is a great way to move others to take a certain action.  Storytelling allows a business to become more relatable and connect with others on a human level.  Social media is a great place to practice this.  These simple tips can be used to hone the skill of telling a story in a way that will captivate an audience.

5 .                    7 Rules for Social Media Success

As more and more businesses get involved in social media, it becomes increasingly difficult to stand out online.  What worked for your business last year may not be giving you the same results now.  Read on to find out how you can apply these rules to mix things up and become more relevant.


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Promoting Friends on Facebook and the Video Off Between YouTube and Facebook