Publishing Blogs Post In 2013
by Tiffany Parson

I absolutely love to blog. It brings such joy to be able to get my thoughts on paper. Lately, I’ve been getting stuck at the mechanics of it all. Possibly you can relate?

Do I have the right number of words?
What’s my Flesch-Kincaid score?
Will they really be interested in this?

And then I wait…

And wait…

And wait…

UGH! Guess what?

It drives me nuts when I don’t hit the ‘Publish’ button. I feel incomplete and sometimes it keeps me up at night.

Should I just send it or wait? Did I do enough edits? Oh, I’ll wait until Thursday, I mean I didn’t promise a newsletter for Monday.

Oh no, it’s Saturday, oops! I need to write the Editor’s note for the weekend updates. And I go on and on all the while not publishing a thing and kicking myself all the way to another wasted week of over thinking.

In 2013 I will not do this. I’m pressing ‘Publish’

And if it’s-

…not the right number of words

…or my Kolbe score is too high

…or I’m unsure whether you’ll be interested

I’m going to let you tell me based on your tweets, comments, and shares. The only way I’ll know for sure is if I just start hitting ‘Publish’.

So here goes nothing (really a big something…) I’m clicking ‘Publish’ in 2013 and not looking back…

In 2013 I will not be holding back and going to let the smoke flow from my keyboard and have lots of fun while I’m doing it. To get ready, I’m diving into my data to see how things have been going so far. What you like and what you don’t.

And if you’re brand new to our blog or newsletter, welcome! 🙂

Prepare for a fun and wild ride in 2013. We’re discussing your:

  • Virtual Team
  • Teleclasses
  • Blog Talk Radio Show
  • WordPress Websites
  • Social Media Content

and everything else in between that goes along with that.

In the meantime, here are several social media links that I’ll be using as a guide for reviewing my data. Hope this helps you as well 🙂

6 Twitter Analytics Tools to Improve Your Marketing

With so many tools available for Twitter analytics, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to maximize your Twitter campaign. Here you can read about six effective tools and choose what will work best for you. You can learn a lot about your followers, such as the time zone they are in and how frequently they go online.

Step-By-Step: How To Download All Your Tweets With The New Twitter Archive Service

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If for some reason you just don’t have time to analyze it, schedule a quick chat with us. We’d love to support your social media needs in 2013.

Much love and all the best…

2013 will be FABULOUS

🙂 Tiffany
Publishing Blog Posts In 2013