Random Thoughts, EBooks, Products, and Stepping Out of Who You Think You Are

How often do you have random thoughts? Daily I’m sure. And how often do you write it down somewhere and then go back and look at it once you’ve come back to yourself.

I say come back to yourself, but I’ve found the things I think when I’m just writing and allow words to flow end up being exactly what I need to say or was looking for.

It’s when I try too hard and sit thinking and thinking when nothing comes. That’s why words flow freely in the shower, while you’re driving, or anywhere else that’s a real inconvenience for writing.

Your mind is relaxed and not concentrating on whatever it is you’re working on.

Most of my clients are preparing for Black Friday and if you didn’t get a chance to see the post where I talked about shopping carts and your black friday offer be sure to check it out Click Here.

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Here are some not so random thoughts to get you moving and out of what’s comfortable. When you’re free in life, you can be free in your business to do the thing that others are afraid to do and that’s be themselves.

We’ve talked ourselves out of success by saying:

I get bored easily

You have to hold my attention

I don’t get it; I can’t get it

I’m a slow learner

It takes time for me to understand something

This is stupid

I give up

This doesn’t make sense anyway

I didn’t like it anyway

It’s just not for me


All of this gives us permission to quit, fail, or not try. When we change what we say to ourselves then we’ll see the difference we’re looking for.

I said all of this because I then wondered:

What are you saving “that” for?

I wrote a blog post that so inspired me I had to pull over and write it on a napkin called Must Love People. I was so compelled to write like when you’re dehydrated and take a long drink of water. When I got finished I’d written on every side and corner.

I was over thinking later that day when it was time to do my newsletter. Of course it hit me to send the one I’d just written already, it was still on the napkin and had gotten crumpled up. I was going to save it for a special time. Maybe a Saturday post or something like that.

I know it seems strange, but we all do it. Save our content for the right moment the exact time in space whatever that is. The reality is when writing and creativity strikes it’s time to move.

What have you been saving for the right time?

  • Is it that ebook that’s saved on the old laptop or flashdrive that you’ve been meaning to have edited?

  • Or is it the audio you recorded while in rush hour traffic where you spoke for a full 8 mins into your smartphone?

  • Is it the videos that aren’t so perfect but give us a peak into your fun-loving and bubbly personality?

Whatever it may be I challenge you to put it out their for all of us to see. And once you’ve done so come back to this post and share your experience and the link to what we would have missed out on.

If you plan to take on this challenge, let me know now in the comments below so I can bug you, in love until you do;)