I recently read an article giving tips on how to be a better writer. It was advised to read lots of children’s books. funny thing I had just gotten The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds in the mail not too long before I had read that article.


I ordered this book in my search to be more creative or better yet not question it. This book is REALLY good! It makes you think and takes you back to a really really simple concept. Our creativity is in the one who holds the pen and makes it move.


(NOTE: I’m not an Amazon Affiliate. I live in North Carolina, otherwise I would be. My state and Amazon don’t get along, something with the sales tax issue.)

This is the article that inspired me to check out the children’s books last weekend when my husband and I were celebrating our first anniversary. I looked at a lot of covers trying to decide which to pick up. I almost bumped into a few kids in my quest to discover the simplicity and ease of children’s books.

I found this one and it was PERFECT! Exclamation Mark! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal


If you get a chance grab it, read it and read it again. The overall lesson is about being who God made you to be. (That’s my take anyway) It’s a delightful little book, they both are. I was so inspired by them, I had my husband to read them both as well 🙂

We don’t have any children so it’s kind of a guessing game on which books are good. Please share your recommendations. Let me know in the comments or over on Facebook where I’m at every single day.

Keep reading, keep writing, do your thing, 2014 is coming, the time is NOW~

This post has absolutely nothing to do with WordPress, Webinars, and Social Media however if we can’t be ourselves we’ll be unmotivated to show up on our blog each week, won’t feel energized to share our knowledge on Webinars, and social media will lack relevance and relationships. See the fun in what you do and inspire others to do the same!

Much love,