Virtual Hired Hand - Free Teleseminar, July 2nd

Stop Selling Door-To-Door: How Reinventing Yourself Can Change Everything

When was the last time you purchased something because a salesmen knocked on your door? Was it something other than girl scout cookies?

Selling something going from door to door is hugely old fashioned. It’s also a big time waster because if people are like me, they’re not going to answer the door for unexpected guest. How about you?

Are you still doing business the old fashioned way or have you started reinventing how you do business?

An old fashioned business model is phone heavy, dependent on live face-to-face meetings, and in person product demonstrations. This setup not only limits the number of clients you can serve in a day, but it also limits you to a location.

The reinvented form of doing business is limitless. It doesn’t matter where you or your clients are located. In fact, it doesn’t even matter what you have on if you’re doing online events.

What does this look like if you…

  1. must interact live with a customer in order to generate a sale?

  2. must speak with a customer on the phone in order to complete a sale?

  3. must demonstrate your product live in order to gain interest in what you sell?

The solution? Teleclasses!

Teleclasses save you time. They allow you to be with your customer whenever and wherever they need you or your product. Record once and serve many again and again and again.

How about videos? Record a video and have it play on demand and at the end explain how to order. Almost like having your own infomercial except it plays when the customer is ready to listen and buy.

Of course none of this is possible without having a list that you communicate with regularly. This ties into why social media is so important along with other things that you must get started on in your business such as a newsletter and blog.

This Saturday, we’re going to go in depth about why you should be online and how social media is changing everything. You do realize the personal you and your business you are one in the same? Otherwise, it’s like asking you to check your morals and ethics at the door during business hours and pick them up on the way home. It’s not happening.

If you’re interested in getting a better insight as to how all of this can be achieved join us, Saturday, July 2nd for a Free teleseminar,

“I Know ‘They’ Say I Should Be Online, But I Really Don’t Understand Why”

Saturday, July 2nd, 11:30am Eastern/8:30am Pacific

If for some reason you can’t make it, no problem, the call will be recorded and sent to all who register.

Now it’s your turn, get registered!

If you’ve ever wanted to ask me something directly regarding your online business and how everything ties in to what you’re doing or would like to do, this is it!