The other day, this message was posted on my Facebook page.


Each week we go through I don’t know how many articles related to social media to find the diamonds in the rough related to updates and helpful information on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. In our search, we come across many soon-to-be, not-quite-out-yet-but-it’s-coming updates for them, especially Facebook.

A lot of the new features that get added on social media are updated on select accounts for testing then rolled out to all of us. I thought this may be something similar, however it turns out this particular update is brand spankin’ new.

Shannon and I couldn’t find anything on it until the end of last week. Facebook is asking how relevant your post are. Does that make you nervous or does it cause you to really think about what you’re posting on your page?

Another update on Facebook, no more thumbs up. WHAT? Yes, read on…

Check out this latest update on Facebook and more! Helping you be in the know socially!

  1. How Authentic Does This Post Feel? Facebook Wants To Know

  2. Some users are reporting that Facebook is seeking feedback by asking them to rate how authentic a post feels. The question appears right below the post in the News Feed and allows the user to select from five different ratings that range from “not at all” to “extremely”. There is no word yet on how this information will be used.

  3. Introducing new Like and Share buttons

  4. Facebook has redesigned the Like and Share buttons that many people use to help drive traffic to their website. Anyone using the old design will automatically be updated as the new buttons become available. Check out this post to see what has replaced the old thumbs-up icon on the Like button.

  5. The preview is over: Instagram ads are here

  6. Instagram users will now see the first official advertisement in their feeds. This sponsored post comes from fashion designer Michael Kors. It may take some time for users to accept that their feeds will no longer be free of ads. However, they do have the option to hide specific ads and provide feedback.

  7. Picture this: More visual Tweets

  8. The Twitter timeline will now feature previews of photos and Vine videos right in the tweet. Users will just have to tap the photo to see the whole image or tap to play a video. Another update allows users to reply, retweet, or favorite a tweet right from the timeline. Watch this Vine to see how it works.

  9. 5 Ways to Prepare Your Facebook Page for the Holidays

  10. Here is a great article with useful tips to customize your Facebook Page for the holiday season. You’ll want to be prepared for any increase in visits from fans looking for holiday deals and promotions. Regularly updating your cover photo is a good place to start. Check out this post for some creative ideas and different ways to add to your holiday marketing campaign.