Get More Results On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in 2013
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    Updates You Want To Know

  1. Facebook Page Like Ads Can Now Be Created Directly Via Admin Panels On Pages

  2. Small businesses should find it easier to create a page like ad because it can now be done right from the page admin panel. This simplified feature creates ads for both desktop and mobile, which are designed to attract new fans. These ads can even target users who live near a business location.

  3. Facebook snubs ‘Subscribe’ button in favor of Twitter-esque ‘Follow’ on all profile pages

  4. Some users weren’t clear what it meant to “Subscribe” to a page, so Facebook will now be using the term “Follow”. This feature will work the same, allowing updates from public figures to appear in the follower’s News Feed. With so many people following public figures and celebrities on Twitter, this change is likely a way to encourage more people to become followers on Facebook.

  5. Twitter Adds More Keyword Targeting Options And Trending Topic Matching For ‘Promoted Tweets’

  6. Promoted tweets will now come with new features designed to better target users based on their search queries. Brands have the option to choose an exact match, phrase match, and basic keyword match. Negative keyword targeting is also available so the promoted tweet will not appear when certain keywords are used in a search.

  7. Instagram’s latest app update fixed my biggest pet peeve, and people hate it

  8. Instagram is designed for photos that are square and the latest update requires users to stick to this format. This change has been quite unpopular among users who could previously upload a rectangular photo and resize it to fit the entire photo in. However, this left a black bar along the top and bottom of the image, which some people will be glad not to see anymore.

    Data & Results

  9. 15 Tricks Learned While Getting My App’s Facebook Page From 0 To 100K Fans

  10. There is a lot we can learn from those who have been able to build a large fan base on Facebook. Thankfully, there are people who are willing to share what their experience has taught them so others can benefit as well. Here are 15 strategies that have proved successful in getting more likes, comments, and shares.

  11. 21 Twitter Marketing Hacks: Writing Better Tweets Faster

  12. The start of a new year is a great time to implement some fresh ideas for your content on Twitter. Coming up with great tweets doesn’t have to be time consuming. You might want to try some of these marketing tips shared by a social media strategist, such as how to find and use topics that are trending.

    Interesting to Know for 2013

  13. There’s No Avoiding Google+

  14. Users will now automatically receive a public Google+ page when they create an account for Google services, including Gmail, YouTube, and Zagat. This controversial push is designed to encourage more people to use Google+ for social networking as the site looks to gain more advertisers. Google’s strategy to compete with Facebook includes accessing user information that will allow more relevant ads to be shown to them.

  15. How Social Media Affects our TV Viewing Habits

  16. Have you ever started watching a television show because your friends are talking about it on social media? Recent studies show this is a common occurrence and social media users have a great influence on what people are watching. Now, when people watch a live sporting event they may become even more engaged by chatting about it online.

  17. 3 Ways to Grow an Instagram Community

  18. Instagram has become so popular that 40 percent of top brands have included it in their marketing strategy. People are drawn to visual content and it can give a business a more personal feel. The strategies discussed in this article may help you to further engage and expand your audience on Instagram.

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Get More Results On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in 2013