I recently had lunch with a friend of mine who published her first book back in 2006 and has since revised it. It’s funny, she’s a writer, but doesn’t really enjoy reading and so she makes her books interactive for readers just like her. I asked her if it would be available on her website and she said “Yes”. I then asked her if it would be available on Amazon. She said “No” and added “doesn’t that cost a lot?” I told her “NO”. In fact, I had recently done some research on selling products on Amazon.

I discovered they offer a great sales package and have two different options. Individual or Corporate depending on the quantity of products you’re looking to sell. The good news is if you’re selling less than 40 products Amazon doesn’t charge a fee until it’s purchased. Just like with PayPal, the fees do not come out until a transaction takes place. You have the option for Amazon to fulfill the orders or you fulfill them yourself. Either way getting your product on Amazon can get you noticed by people who otherwise may not even know you exist.

To start selling your product on Amazon.

  1. Get an ISBN number if you are selling a book or CD.
  2. Get copies of your work.
  3. Sign up with Amazon!