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If you’re like me it’s not everyday someone provides exceptional customer service to the point you’re driven to write a blog post about it.
This happened to me last week. It was a reminder of the importance of serving with a smile even through email.

What can you learn from a cashier at CVS/pharmacyĀ®?

Ways to keep the SOCIAL in Social Media:

As I walked up to the counter I was greeted with a warm and genuine smile along with a “May I help you.” Cody was the young guy at the register.

He was a happy cashier, which you don’t see often, excited to ring up my purchase. It was a little late so Cody’s high energy surprised me, along with the fact he appeared, age wise, to be a student. In the past, I’ve encountered some very nonchalant students, however Cody was different.

Not only did he give me a warm greeting, he also connected with me by commenting on my purchase. I was buying (well, that’s not important, just know it’s not really on my diet plan). Cody picked it up and said, “I love these things!” That caused me to perk up and respond with a big smile “Really, oh my goodness, you know I went…” And the flood gate of conversation began. In that instant I felt connected to Cody as we continued to chat.

And then, as I was slowly putting my change away, he said “Enjoy the rest of your St. Patty’s Day!” Awe, that made my evening.

Ever feel rushed to get your change in the right compartments of your billfold by the cashier. Usually you get stared down with an expression that says, “Can you move over with that?” Not Cody, he took the opportunity to wish me joy for the rest of my day. How cool is that?

Here are a few lessons to learn from Cody and keep the SOCIAL in Social Media:

  1. Be your genuine self. None of what Cody did appeared to be calculated. He simply was being himself. He made me feel like a friend.
  2. Engage people from their point of view. In other words, respond to what they’re saying and not what you want to tell them.
  3. Make a connection based on their interest. Establishing a common ground opens the door for further conversation.
  4. Give them an experience that’s memorable. You want them to remember you later.

How many times have you been to the drugstore?

And how many times have you remembered the cashier’s name?

Me either, except for Cody. I cannot forget him. And the next time I go to CVS I’ll be looking for him to ring up my purchases.

Cheers to Cody at CVS/pharmacyĀ®

If this was helpful in any way let me know. Also, share your exceptional “Service With a Smile” experience in the comments below!