Giving Time Back To Busy Coaches

Repurposing Digital Media

Are you getting the most of your recorded content or past blog posts? Repurposing, utilizes existing content to create everything from graphics and video for social media to written blog posts.

Virtual Hired Hand helps trainers save time by using content they are already creating. Our repurposing services allow you to do something once and it be used again and again.

Allows you to show up consistently online.
Gives you more time to do other things.
Helps you make the most out of what you’ve already created.

Social Media Management

Our social media services allow you to remain focused on what they do best, while popping on social media as they see fit. Imagine going to Facebook to engage and enjoy your community over going back-and-forth about what to post. 

We direct our attention to what your audience responds to based on your social media analytics.

We know your biggest stresses are time and creating we remove it by managing it for you.

Learn what’s working based on the numbers.

Enjoy engaging with your community.

Show up consistently online.

Website Redesign

Our website makeover services bring your website up to date. Visitors to your website are looking for a familiar look and feel when navigating your website. 

Although websites look different, the flow is similar. These days less is more. A few years ago that was not the case. Anything outside of the current norm is considered outdated. 

An outdated website can repel leads. We remove the stress by learning about you and your business. We create in your voice and design based on your business personality.

No longer have to keep up with the current website norms.

Attracts new visitors who search online.

See how visitors are responding based on analytics.

Seamless Process

Efficient Systems

Easy Communication

How it works

1. Analyze

We get a clear understanding of what is happening today and find out your goals.

2. Assist

We work with you and follow a confirmed plan for your needs.

3. Thrive

You’ll have peace of mind and confidence in moving forward online in your business.

Coaches Come To Us When They're Ready to Focus on Coaching