Have you noticed the issues with Hootsuite lately?

It’s still my software of choice when it comes to scheduling on social media. However things happen and it’s good to have a backup.

Here’s a backup in the event Hootsuite has a hiccup and doesn’t post to Facebook, you can schedule directly to Facebook from the Facebook Pages Manager app.

Here’s how:


Be In The Know Socially: Social Media Protection, What’s Trending On Facebook, and How To Do Instagram Like An A-Lister, all of this and more! The latest social media updates for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

    Be In The Know Socially: This Week’s Social Media Updates

  1. New Twitter Feature: Tweet Conversations Are Now Threaded Together

  2. Conversations on Twitter will now be easier to follow for those using the iPhone and Android apps as well as the website. Conversations appear in chronological order with a vertical line connecting the tweets. Watch this short video to check out the new look.

  3. Facebook Page Admins Gain Access To Shutterstock Image Library; Ability To Upload Multiple Images; Updated Pages Manager Apps For IOS, Android

  4. Facebook has announced three new updates that will make it easier for brands to create more visually appealing marketing content. A new partnership with Shutterstock will give marketers access to millions of free stock images to choose from when creating a Facebook ad. Multiple images can now be added to a campaign all at once so Page admins can test which images perform the best. The update to the Pages Manager app for iOS and Android gives users the ability to upload multiple photos to a post.

  5. How to Protect Your Social Media Accounts from Spammers

  6. Having a strong password is just one important step in keeping your online accounts safe. You also want to avoid using the same user name and password on multiple sites because if someone is able to access this information from a site that has limited security measures they may then attempt to access accounts on other sites using this same login information. This post explains what HootSuite is doing to protect user accounts and offers best practices for creating a secure password.

  7. Facebook Tests “Trending” Section in News Feed

  8. A new section in the desktop news feed for “trending” topics is currently being tested with a small group of Facebook users. This area displays hashtags and topics that are currently trending. Additional details will be shared if this feature is released more widely.

  9. A-List Tips for Marketing your Business on Instagram

  10. In this post, marketing coach Stephanie Donegan shares four simple tips to follow when posting on Instagram. How you share your products and services on this platform can have a positive impact on the traffic that comes to your website. Developing a good strategy and following it consistently is the key.

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