More than likely you've already considered adding a free offer to your website if you don't already have one. You may be giving a report, EBook, audio, or even video series to draw your audience.

If you're like most, you've opted in to your fair share of forms and downloaded many free offers. So what happens to this information after you've downloaded it?

Do you:

  1. Read directly from your computer?
  2. Save it for later?
  3. Or never get back to it although you have every intention?

If you're like me it's a little of all three.

Most recently I decided to organize all of the information products I'd been downloading in conjunction with updating my iPad. From audio files to EBooks they'd just been tucked away in neat folders on my Desktop labeled Materials Read, Materials to Read and Continuing Ed to name a few. What I discovered brought to light why it's so important for my clients to have ECovers as part of their EBooks and Reports.

There's a big difference between the items I have that include ECovers and the ones that don't.

Up until this process I thought ECovers were nice to have, but I didn't really push it.

In the iBook app EBooks are considered PDFs. The app automatically adds the spiral bound to the side creating an image of a book.

Notice how the ones with a graphic cover stand out the most. And the ones with no cover are difficult to read and blend in with the rest. The ECover brings an EBook to life.

When creating your next Report or EBook think of how it will look on the iShelf.

Until now I didn't think having an ECover made a big difference. It was a nice to have, but not a necessity. Technology has completely changed that.

When your EBook has an ECover:

  1. It sets you apart
  2. Gives your EBook a face
  3. Makes your EBook recognizable from the iShelf

Do you want to be memorable to your readers or easily forgotten and get lost in the crowd of EBooks?

Here are a couple of EBook covers we created this year.


We're more than happy to help you bring your EBook to life!