Anyone Can Do A Teleclass: 10 Tips For Getting Started

Anyone Can Do A Teleclass

Virtual Hired Hand - Anyone Can Do A Teleclass

10 Steps For Getting Started


You’ve got great information to share, it would be a shame if the “How-Tos” of Teleclasses were getting in the way of your progress. With this FREE Report: Anyone Can Do A Teleclass, 10 Steps for Getting Started, you’ll not only learn what to do, but also gain the confidence to do it.

A good portion of our clients host Teleclasses and as our business grows we’ve had the pleasure of advising clients on how to get started online using Teleclasses as a way to inform, encourage, and support their clients.

We noticed many first timers were eager to host a Teleclass, however unprepared when it came to the steps involved. Granted it’s super easy to do, but if you have no idea what to do it can be frustrating.

After witnessing the frustration and missteps along the way this free report was birthed as way to give to business owners who enjoy speaking to both small and large groups from the comforts of…Where ever!

Virtual Hired Hand - Teleclasses Made EasyWe’re all about being virtual and that’s why we push Teleclasses. Not only does it get you beyond your geographic location, but it gives you an opportunity to grow beyond your wildest dreams.

With virtual events, you don’t need the family and friends circle to get things moving. In fact, you already have exactly what you need to get started. If you’re reading this, you’ve got the Internet, more than likely you’ve got a phone or Skype, and you’ve got the information that people are so desperately waiting for.

Our FREE Report: Anyone Can Do A Teleclass, 10 Steps for Getting Started provides tips on what to do behind the scenes for your Teleclass that allows everything from the front end to run seamlessly.

Ever thought of pre-writing all of your follow-up messages and social media status updates for your event?

What about creating an email message timeline that could be used again and again for future events?

If you were hosting a party would you hold back or would you do all you could to let people know about your big bash? Same goes for your Teleclass.

With your message in one hand and your phone in the other

Virtual Hired Hand - Anyone Can Do A Teleclass: 10 Tips To Get Started

you have the tools for your next Teleclass!

Our FREE report addresses the biggest challenges you’ll face in hosting Teleclasses:

  1. Getting people to sign-up

  2. Building excitement and relationship!

  3. Maintaining relationships after the event

This FREE report takes you through 10 simple steps for getting started on your next Teleclass including:

  • How to use social media to draw a crowd

  • How often to send reminders about your Teleclass

  • What happens after someone signs up

If you knew exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it would you get started on your next Teleclass TODAY?

Public speaking is scary for most people and for others they’d just prefer to see faces. Teleclasses gives you the choice as to whether you want to speak to an intimate group of people or whether you want to see faces incorporating video. You can tailor Teleclasses to suite what’s comfortable for you.

Maybe you haven’t taken the time to look at what’s involved in a Teleclass or maybe you have and felt it wasn’t for you. If you have a voice, a message, and a phone, Teleclasses are indeed for you.

Allow me to help you get started and watch the difference it makes in your business and your life’s work.

FREE Report:
Anyone Can Do A Teleclass,
10 Steps for Getting Started NOW!