Candace Daly
Author, Seed, Fruit & Roots

Candace Daly, Author, Seed, Fruit & Roots

Shelley Willingham
CEO, Vision and Passion International, LLC

Shelley Willingham

Sandi Krakowski
CEO & President
A Real Change International, Inc

Our company has had the honor of working with Tiffany Parson for more than 7 years. She has taught classes, managed our client care department, run groups in excess of 1800 people, worked on our website and more. She brings integrity, experience and a heart to serve to every project. I recommend her wholeheartedly and am so excited to see her growing in her own business!

Tiffany Lee Bymaster
aka Coach Glitter

Hiring Tiffany to create my brand new website was one of the best decisions I have made to grow and expand my business. I’ve been in my field as a busy makeup artist, stylist and personal branding expert for 13 years and prior to that in my previous life started off in fashion during my college years. I had gone without a website for so long that I actually dreaded having to create one since I already built a successful business without one. But wow! I’m so glad I finally hired Tiffany because in the very short time that my website went live (just 6 weeks) my online presence & the overall reach and engagement I have with my audience as well as potential new clients is beyond measure!

Tiffany is the epitome of a professional. She made the process extremely fast, simple, easy and everything was delivered on time or before, as promised. I am NOT a techy! I don’t speak website verbiage at all but somehow she was able to guide me through the process even though i’m sure at times it was like trying to communicate via email with someone who didn’t speak your language at all! She was always so incredibly patient and explained things to me in ways that I can understand but without making me feel stupid or talked down to. She really educated me on a lot of things about website building!

I cannot recommend Tiffany enough. She knows how to build a site that is to your specifications (even when you may not exactly know what you want yourself), especially for those of you who are online and network marketers who need a mobile responsive website. I did not want a typical portfolio website as that wouldn’t benefit my business for the direction in which i’m expanding. My site is clean, easy to navigate, explore, search and most importantly the key elements are all there and when I need to expand it I can do that easily because the foundation that Tiffany created is absolutely perfect. I look forward to working with Tiffany again on future projects and will continue to personally recommend her to all my friends and social media followers! Thank you so much Tiffany!

Storyteller, Translator, Palliative care worker

Some year’s ago, my business coach advised me to create a blog. I froze; not only I was (and still am) a dinosaur computer user, but also I am an immigrant – non native speaker of English! Even though she referred me to a tech person, Tiffany to help me set it up, I was intimidated; how could I communicate with her without computer knowledge or language? My fear was gone once I connected with her. She was/is patient, easy to communicate even in lay person’s language, efficient, dependable, and very supportive. From scratch, she walked me through the entire process. She even created a Japanese blog site for me on top of a regular English site. With Tiffany as my trustworthy tech person, I can just focus on writing blogs.

Bo Wilkinson

Tiffany and Team,

There are times I think you are reading my mind! Most of the the time I don’t know how to describe what I want on my web page or projects, so I give you a skeleton to work with and you end up getting it perfect! You take my confusion and turn it into something clear and concise which I appreciate so much! I also love how you set boundaries, you do what you say you will do and value your team and clients in the process. Thank you for being so professional and easy to work with.

One thing I wasn’t completely sure of though was – would I like Tiffany’s graphics? I needn’t have worried! I was really pleasantly surprised by the creative flair Tiffany brought to the project! I love the highway motif she included to my ‘7 Steps to the Fast-Lane’ Report – I wouldn’t have thought of that!

In addition, Tiffany was timely and responsive with revisions and just quietly got it done while I was busy getting clients. The service was money well spent for my business, thank you Tiffany!

Melodye Reynolds

Tiffany is absolutely wonderful to work with. I am new to the world of WordPress and needed a header that would represent my site. Technology can be extremely stressful for me to figure out and Tiffany made the entire process seamless. I had no real clue as to what I even wanted and she was able to create something beautiful from my ramblings! She is extremely professional and efficient. Customer service is top notch. I will be a returning customer for sure!

Danielle Zanghi Brogna
Happy Owner/Founder

Thanks for moving my websites! I think you are amazing and recommend you to everyone. You are a true professional and so talented at what you do!

Have a great day!

Lynn Bryson

Tiffany and her team did a fantastic job with my website. I’m not the best at explaining what I need or like only but Tiffany always understood what I wanted changed. I have worked with VA’s before but the difference is Tiffany loves her job and it shows through in her prompt replies and helpfulness. I would recommend her to anyone that needs help with their online business. Great job.Until next time!!!

Livvie Matthews
Client Attraction Coach

I needed help with my WordPress site and setting up a merchant account with 1 ShoppingCart for accepting payments on my site. Being an online marketer, I found Tiffany online. Tiffany’s knowledge, her personality, and her simple training strategies and techniques were amazing! In a very short time, she corrected my WordPress problems, set up my merchant account, and trained me how to continue with it. I’ve been online since the mid ’90’s and have worked with a lot of venders, but Tiffany really takes the prize hands down for proficiency in her services and implementation. You’ll find her a jewel to work with! Thanks, Tiffany!!

Laura Lucas

Tiffany’s been helping me since I started setting up mu WordPress blog over a year ago. She’s helped me with various customizations and changes way beyond my technical skill and even rescued my site when I lost all the files! She maintains my site monthly and was the natural choice when I needed a custom header with opt-in functionality.

Tiffany Parson has been the administrator of several webinars that I have conducted.
She is reliable, displays technological knowledge and conducts herself in a professional manner.
I felt secure with Tiffany's abilities which allowed me to focus on the webinar content. Without any hesitation, I would recommend her to others seeking a webinar administrator.

Eleanor Silverberg
Personal & Professional Development Coach

Good morning, Tiffany! I just wanted to tell you that being in your Be a Freelancer Group helped me with my First teleseminar yesterday!!! It went really well. In the Freelancer Group you exposed us to technology and it just helps one get more comfortable with it. I am good with technology so being in your Freelancer Group just contributed to me feeling more comfortable with the idea of creating a teleclass system and executing it.

Ultimately, you taught about getting a system for freelancing and that just helped me with deeper learning about getting a system for anything (ie teleclass, product creation, etc.) and execute. Have a great day!

Pamela Wright
Pamela Wright Solutions

It has been a blessing to work with Tiffany. Knowledgeable, always ready to help, offer amazing advices (both professional and personal) always execute work in a timely manner and offers very reasonable price!!! I love to work with Tiffany! She is such a blessing to my team!!!

Eve Baum
Military Handbag.com

Tiffany is the absolute best! I’ve been working with her for over a year and she ALWAYS delivers! Not only does she do a great job, but she really takes an interest in what you’re doing and is willing to answer questions or make suggestions as needed. I LOVE having Tiffany as a member of my “team.” Thank-you Tiffany, you make my life so much easier!

Vondie Lozano
Vondie's Love Chats

I just sent payment for the invoice for helping me with the affiliate program and I wanted to thank you so much for all your help. It is a great comfort in this "new" world that I have entered online to know I have someone I can depend on and trust to guide me through the areas where I need an expert! You operate in an extremely professional manner, yet straight from the heart...a winning combination for all business owners!

Thanks again,

denny hagel
Innovative Parenting LLC

"Tiffany has become a part of our virtual team and is our main go to web person. We have worked with her for over a year and a half and are grateful to have found such a dependable and resourceful addition for our virtual team. We really appreciate her ability to interpret our needs and get the job done. Not only does she do the work but she also adds valuable input in regards to how we can do things better for our websites."

Amber Miller, Operations Manager
Therapist Leadership Institute

"We are extremely pleased with the work of Tiffany Johnson. She promptly responds to our varied requests, and produces high quality work. We often ask her to “figure things out” for us and she willingly and gladly does! She is flexible, professional and a very pleasant person to work with!"

Jennifer Barrie, Youth Initiative Director
Kilowatt Ours

"Thank you Tiffany for being a part of our team. You are very competent and always deliver for me on time and your work habits are so effective that your rate seems to be much less than your hourly rate. As a small business I sure appreciate that. The one thing I am most grateful for is your communication. You always acknowledge receipt of communication and you communicate if you can’t meet a deadline which is extremely rare. Thanks again."

Kim Crabtree, Executive Consultant

"Tiffany is your answer to finding the perfect virtual assistant! She is easy to deal with, always "on time" and most of all, is accessible within minutes. She makes you feel as if you are her only client and that your project is top on her list. I really was hoping no one else would find out about Tiffany and Virtual Hired Hand! You certainly will be in the "right hands" with her and your work."

Anne, Executive Director
Merchandise Concepts

"Virtual Hired Hand stepped in for our webmaster when he left us. She has kept our site up-to-date and helped us add new project content to our website efficiently, affordably, and with great attention to detail."

Jeff Barrie, Project Director
Kilowatt Ours

"Virtual Hired Hand is now a critical component to our company's operations. Their ability to complete work in a timely fashion and stay on top of this business critical task has been a pleasant surprise in comparison to the other providers that we have experimented with. They are the best of the breed in the industry and we fully intend to continue our relationship for years to come."

Trevor Soares, Founder/Owner
Shoe Cartel