The Latest Updates On Blog Talk Radio

by Tiffany Johnson

Last Saturday I revised our Blog Talk Radio Show. The last episode was recorded in March of 2012. Since that time I receive reports on how many listeners I get per week. There were only a few weeks were the numbers were in the single digits, the rest double digits. Each time I’d think “wow, folks are still listening.” I even heard from listeners directly about the show and got positive feedback. As a result, I decided to bring it back. However I wasn’t sure when. Finally, last Saturday was it and I’m glad I did.

I really enjoy speaking about freelancing and helping to ignite the fire in others to seize the day and move forward in their dreams. Plus, some really cool stuff is happening with Blog Talk Radio and this is where you come in.

Did you know Blog Talk Radio is now incorporated with Facebook so you can prompt your show?

If you’ve ever watched a video or listened to an audio on Sound Cloud, it automatically posts to your Facebook Timeline for all to see. This is now possible with Blog Talk Radio.

Each time your show airs, it will automatically posts to your Facebook Timeline and when the replay is ready it will also post. You can even set it so when you schedule a new show that also post on your Timeline.

Blog Talk Radio is also incorporated with Twitter.

The same updates that go to Facebook can also be set to post on Twitter. Of course, you as the host have control over what you want posted. Up until this point if you wanted reminders to posts on social media, you had to do that yourself.

Additionally, you can now submit your Blog Talk Radio show to iTunes to be included as a Podcasts. How about that?

I’ve submitted my podcasts and will keep you posted on the results. It can take up to two weeks to hear back.

This is my favorite feature because I’m fascinated by podcasts and have wanted one of my own and was using Blog Talk Radio as practice. It’s also helpful in practicing for teleclasses if you find it difficult to speak before a virtual audience.

In July 2011, I introduced the first ever Blog Talk Radio show because it was part of a blog post on what you can do to prepare for your next teleclass. It’s been over a year and I’m curious to know if you’ve started your radio show.

It’s okay, I know some of you may be reading this tip for the very first time or completely forgot. Today is a great time to refresh yourself on how having an online radio show can help with your teleclasses check out this post: Blog Talk Radio and Your Next Teleclass.

The Latest Updates On Blog Talk Radio