Editor Note:

I read this article and it’s kind of messed up my afternoon, in a good way. I’ve cried and I’ve questioned myself as to why I’m doing what I’m doing. What’s my reason beyond myself?

We’ve heard from people interested in working online as VAs as well as clients asking how they can improve their numbers. I have one question, why?.

Much love,


Why do you want an online business?

Why do you want to be a freelancer?

Why do you want to be a virtual assistant?

Why do you want x number of fans on Facebook?

Why do you want x number of people following you on Twitter or connecting with you on LinkedIn?


What are you going to do when they get there?

They’ve done what you wanted, now what? Will you over load them with sales pitches or will you genuinely care?

The ones who care are the ones we enjoy being around and associating ourselves with. The ones who care challenge us to be our best when we feel like giving up.

The ones who care charge us to take a stand against something not just to increase our net worth but to increase the net worth of others. To lead someone else into their destiny instead of down a road of destruction.

Sure it’s amazing to sit at your dining room table and work, creating, building a dream. However if you don’t know why then what’s the point.

Your why is way bigger than a car, house, family, debt freedom, it’s way bigger than that. If that was it your time would be up. But it’s not you’re here.

As long as you’re here do something!

The Question Is Not How, But Why?