Virtual Hired Hand - Take The Stress Out of Teleclasses

What do Facebook, WordPress, and InstantTeleseminar have in common? They all are constantly changing.

Next month WordPress will come out with a new version. Not only have they added more security, increased load time for the software, but also some cool features we’ll be able to see within the dashboard.

Facebook as of yesterday announced you can now tag Fanpages to photos. If your business is labeled under “People” or “Brands & Products”, you can tag photos from any photo album on Facebook. This gives you more exposure and opportunity for increased “likes” to your page.

Last week, InstantTeleseminar sent out an email informing all users and affiliates that a new password feature had been added to conference lines. Prior to the new feature, users could only password protect webcast, but not the actual call-in line. If you hosts several different teleclasses using InstantTeleseminar, you can now password protect the phone line and no longer have to be concerned that someone will log on who has not paid or opted in to be there.

All of these updates are great comforts for those who depend on the services. They are constant looking for ways to improve and they listen to feedback from those who count most, you and me.

When was the last time you thought to tweak or improve what you do for your clients to make things go faster, run smoother, or more efficiently?

One of my clients has a feature that allows their certified leaders to add events to an online calendar on their website. They are given the opportunity to pay as they go or pay for a year subscription. Up until this point, we would save the email notices for those who purchased for the year access. As event requests came in, we’d double check that list. Overtime this process became tedious and sometimes forgotten and events got dropped from the calendar. In addition, the events that were added each month were not always current with the latest fee, location, or host. Clearly, it was time for a new system.

We implemented a secret weapon tool for emails called “LetterMeLater.” Now everyone who signs up for the yearly updates is added to the LetterMeLater account and reminder emails are setup in advance. Each month they will now receive an email reminding them to send in details regarding their event. No longer do we have to rely on our own memory as a reminder.

This ninja tool is also being used to send reminders to clients regarding the content for their newsletters. No one can remember it all, including us.

Reminders are great when the person doing the reminding remembers to send the reminder. (Say that 7 times in row, LOL!)

LetterMeLater makes things that much easier and efficient. It’s one of our “ninja can’t live without tools.”

Now it’s your turn. Share what ninja tool you use that helps make things more efficient and run smoothly?