You’ve created your blog or next email to go out to your list and are very excited. If only you could get the image to go in the right place; if only you could correct the spacing, then it would be just right and you could send it off to your list. Or you want the font to be a certain size or color or the paragraphs to line up just so, but now you’ve spent an hour trying to figure this all out and it’s just not working. Someone told you it’s easy, you can do it yourself, so why is it such a task?

When it comes to technology you really have to LOVE it and I mean LOVE it!

The computer isn’t as smart as it may seem. In fact it’s dumb, dumb, dumb! It will only do what you tell it. And if you don’t know the right commands, it will still do exactly what you say.

Ever played the programmer game? One person is the leader (“coder”) and everyone else are members of the team (“computer”) and they are to follow exactly what you say. If the leader says “throw the can in the trash” well the “computer” has no idea how to do that or what you mean by a can or trash, so you have to give exact instructions. This is why doing it all yourself may be more of a challenge than expected.

Have you been a DIYer and spent way too much time working on your blog or HTML email and now the deadline is quickly approaching? Or maybe you’d rather be doing something else and let the “techies” handle that stuff.
It’s time for a web intervention.

Here are 7 Indicators You Need Help with Your Web Stuff:

  1. After spending an hour trying to tackle code you still aren’t getting the results you want. (There’s a “techie” that can solve that!)
  3. You have absolutely no idea how to get your pics in your blog and you just don’t have the time to do so. (There’s a “techie” that can do that!)
  5. You’re more interested in the content vs the how-to. (There’s a “techie” that can handle that!)
  7. The thought of looking at code gives you a headache. (There’s a “techie” that gets high off of that!)
  9. You could careless about the hype around WordPress 3.0. (There’s a “techie” that is excited for you in that!)
  11. If I were to ask what’s your FTP info and your response is what’s that? (There’s a “techie” that can explain that!)
  13. You’re not sure who’s hosting your website. (There’s a “techie” that can get to the bottom of that!)

What do you say? Let the “techies” intervene so you can get on with what you do best.