Are You Treating Your Web Safety Like Airline Safety Instructions?

Hearing, but confused about where all of the safety equipment comes from.

Anti-Virus Protection

How are you safeguarding your computer

I recall getting an email from UPS saying they were having difficulty delivering a package to me. My initial thought was Why not? My mail is sent to a UPS store and they should have no problems with my shipments even if the address is partially incorrect. I decided I wouldn't open the email once I logged on to my computer.

When I did get to my Outlook curiosity got the best of me and oh boy what did I do that for? My computer screen went blank and looked to be scanning files. I immediately shutdown my computer the hardcore way pressing the shutdown button until everything went black. Whew! Now what?

I took my computer to one of my favorite stores, Staples, for a quick checkup. Yep, my computer had possibly been infected. The Staples tech guy said I needed to run my anti-virus software and then backup my entire computer.

I was able to successful rescue my computer from possible fatal turbulence. As result of this turbulence I started using Carbonite and upgraded my Avast! anti-virus software to the Internet security version. You won't catch me opening anymore suspicious emails.

How are you safeguarding your WordPress database?

Backing up your WordPress database is especially important. Your backup is a security measure in the event something happens with your WordPress site. It's the kind of insurance you hope to not have to use, unless you initiate it. When moving from one host to the next you will definitely need a backup so no content and customization is lost. I use Online Backup for WordPress.

Recommended Safeguards:


Makes it easy when going from one computer to the next because your entire computer can be backed up and stored online. I don't have it running all the time on my computer because it can slow things down. I do however have it on a schedule. It would be nice to receive an email reminder based on my backup selection, however I can do that myself:)


Is like an ambulance ready and waiting to handle an emergency. When it detects a problem in an email or website it goes off like a siren. You can't miss any possible malware with this software.

Online Backup for WordPress

Has an online storage for your backup files. You can also have your backup file emailed directly to you each time a backup is complete. It also allows you to schedule when backups take place and your computer does not have to be on.

How are you safeguarding your computer and WordPress database?