Twitter Crosses Over To Video While Facebook Becomes More Human
Important Social Media Updates You Want To Know & Tips You Can’t Be Social Without
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Updates You Want To Know

  1. Facebook Prompts Users To Invite Guests When They RSVP To Events

  2. When Facebook users RSVP to attend an event, they will now be prompted to invite their friends from a list of suggested guests. This option was previously found on the sidebar for events. Page administrators will also now see a navigation bar with different tabs, including one to create an event.

  3. Vine hands-on: Twitter’s game-changing take on social video

  4. Vine is Twitter’s new app for the iPhone that allows users to record and share up to six seconds of video. These short looping video clips can be added to tweets and the app even connects with Facebook. This service makes it easy to capture video with sound. It’s already becoming so popular that it is being compared to Instagram.

  5. YouTube Set to Introduce Paid Subscriptions This Spring

  6. YouTube has been working with video producers who want to create channels that will require users to pay a few dollars to assess their content. These paid subscriptions will first be tested with a small group of channels and the revenue split is expected to be similar to ads on YouTube. There is talk that live events may also be available on the site with a subscription.

  7. Foursquare launches dedicated iPhone app for US businesses, with analytics, local updates and more

  8. Foursquare has just launched its second mobile app called Foursquare for Business. This will allow business managers to be more active and better manage their business information on the social network. Using the app they can view recent visitors to their business, make updates about products and specials, and also track analytics. This is a great way for businesses to learn more about their customers and what appeals to them.

    Data & Results

  9. For Search, Facebook Had to Go Beyond ‘Robospeak’

  10. Facebook’s new search tool was developed using knowledge about human behavior and studying the different ways that people search for information. The idea is that if people are able to find the information they are interested in, they will stay on the site longer, and advertisers have a greater chance of reaching them. This interesting article explains more about the development of this new tool.

    Tips You Don’t Want To Be Social Without

  11. The Truth About Social Media

  12. These eight useful tips from a social media consultant can help you change your approach so that social media doesn’t have to be a chore. We know the importance of building relationships and a community that is engaged, but how exactly do you do that? This does take time and effort and you can start by embracing the process and committing to it long-term to achieve results.

  13. Getting The Most Out Of Facebook’s Social Search

  14. Graph Search is a powerful tool that will allow Facebook users to search through their social graph and public content for specific information. For those who are marketing on Facebook, it will be important to know how to get your business page to show up in search results. These four tips will help you get ready for this new social search feature.

    Interesting to Know for 2013

  15. Getting Started With the New Myspace: What Businesses Need to Know

  16. With the recent relaunch of Myspace you may be wondering what the site now has to offer. The focus on entertainment and music will target a younger audience that some brands may want to engage. A new customized profile layout is available for different account types. The large cover image may appeal to businesses involving graphic design and photography. This article explains how to set up a profile, post updates, and make connections.

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The New Social Search And Your Engagement