Verizon introduced the iPhone and there's been much buzz and talk online about it. I did a very unscientific poll to my Facebook friends asking if any would be switching to Verizon or the iPhone on Verizon. For now, they're pretty secure with their current services, so no immediate changes. Although I did learn one of my team members was out super early Thursday morning to get the new iPhone since he's already with Verizon. He used to be the BlackBerry King, we'll have to give him a new nickname. LOL!

After polling my Facebook friends on Wednesday, I decided to ask another question yesterday. I wanted to know if they read their email mostly from their computer or phone. An overwhelming majority answered phone.

I while back I wrote a post about your e-Newsletter in regards to mobile phones. It is even more relevant as more and more people are using their phones to communicate and check messages. 51 Million Use SmartPhones, Will Your Ezine Be Ready?

Also, I wanted to know how my website looked from a smartphone and I didn't like what I found. My header looked way too small (yes too small for a cellphone). You'd have to zoom in and scroll left and right to read the articles.

I also didn't like how my RSS feeds showed up. Only a briefing of the post was viewable then you had to click for more and would get sent to my site. Which goes back to what I stated previously. My website didn't look good on the cell.

I'm testing the top WordPress Mobile plugins to see which works best. I'll be posting my results next week. In the meantime, see what your site looks like from a mobile visitors view. What did you find?


WordPress released version 3.0.5. Keep your site current and be sure you're backing it up! I use this plugin: Online Backup for WordPress.


This week there was a major change introduced on Facebook. As of today it's not mandatory, but starting March 1st it will be. I just notice the change Thursday. It was just introduced so you're not behind on anything. This is big news for your Fanpage so you'll definitely want to read on.

Your page now has a voice!

Have you noticed that when you comment anywhere in Facebook it's from your personal profile? This is one of the big changes.

You can now comment on Facebook as your Facebook Page instead of your personal profile. This means even greater exposure for your business.

The other big change is the current tabs at the top will move to the left side navigation just like in your personal profile. Facebook is essentially making it so your page and profile are setup similarly. I haven't decided if I like the side tabs or not. It's just something else we'll have to get used to.

Here is a very good blog posts about the changes:

What the New Facebook Pages Mean for Users & Owners

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