1. Instant Teleseminar Announces SKYPE connection!

    Instant Teleseminar now has its own Skype ID for teleseminars: joinconference!

    Add this Skype ID to your contact list and access any Instant Teleseminar directly from your Skype account.

    Instant Teleseminar considers there connection to be better than Skype in fact calling it "Super Skype" because of its lightning speed so your calls come in as clear as a landline. I'm not certain how true this is, but I do know the new connection works.

    Your attendees now have three options to connect to your teleseminar: phone, webcast, and now Skype! Click here for more information.

  2. FreeConferenceCalling.com introduces changes in 2011

    You can now have up to 1000 attendees per teleseminar using FreeConferenceCalling.com; before considering this service check out 3 Questions to Consider When Choosing a Teleclass Hosting Service

  3. Grand Opening: Mac App Store perfect timing for MacBook Air!

    Up to this point iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone users were the only ones who could enjoy the convenience of using the app store to download various software applications for business, games, and more. Now that same concept is available directly from your Mac computer.

    There are 1,000 free and paid applications including Twitter for Mac. The new Mac App Store eliminates the need for boxed or applications on disks.

    For Christmas I got the MacBook Air which doesn't come with a CD/DVD drive. I purchased iWork which is like Microsoft Office, but not, and had to use remote access from my PC to download it to my new MacBook Air. With the grand opening of the Mac App Store this process is eliminated. iWork can be purchased and downloaded directly from the App Store. In fact you can select which applications you want as opposed to purchasing the entire iWork package.

    Click here for installation and instructions.

Make it a FABULOUS one until next time!