1. 1ShoppingCart UPDATED!

    You can now determine how long you want your digital products to be available for download via the link sent by 1ShoppingCart to your customer. Previously 1ShoppingCart determined this for you.

    You can also create a username and password or allow the system to choose one for your customers.

  2. Instant Teleseminar 2.0

    Did you know you can embed your teleclass call-in information and replay onto your website?

    When you setup your next teleclass use ‘Custom Publishing' (Webmaster Required) as your ‘Publishing Method’. Then, Copy and paste the code provided into the source of your page or posts.

  3. **it Happens To Us Too!

    Overall the week was fairly quiet until this morning as I was working on one of my own websites I completely wiped out the plugins for my main site. Don't even ask how all of this happened. The great news, my WordPress site had just been backed up the night before and I also had a backup copy of my plugins. Fortunately I had downloaded the entire folder before accidentally hitting what I thought was Stop, but was actually Delete. Big lesson: here backup always.

    It's also a good idea to keep a backup copy of your main files where you can access them quickly. I consider main files to be my plugins, themes, and uploads. Your posts and pages are part of your WordPress database so if you're backing up on a regular you've got everything. I saved myself lots of time by having the most recent copy of my plugins folder.

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