Have you ever seen someone with too much make-up, too much jewelry, too much everything? You could barely see them for all of their accessories and extras.

That's what a website looks like that's got way too much going on. Different things flashing at you, images gallore, lots of content, however, you don't know the quality of it because of everything else on the website.

I remember when it was the thing to have scrolling text on your website. You know like when you're watching CNN and the headlines are scrolling across at the bottom. Sometimes those headlines are much more interesting than what's on the actual show.

As a biz owner you have to decide what you want your visitors to pay attention, you or your accessories.

A great website has nothing to do with what it looks like.

A great website is defined by results.

Is your website doing what you've designed it to do?

If you've got a blog, are visitors staying a while reading and commenting?

If you're selling products, are they buying from your store?

If you're selling a service, is it getting prospective clients interested in what you have to offer and you're getting emails as a result?

This determines the success of your website, not what all it can do.

There's always going to be the latest and greatest thing, however you must decide if it fits within the design you've set for your website.

Keep your vision clear as to what you want your website to accomplish.

Work from that place when deciding which new thing to keep for your website.

Ask yourself:

  1. Is it a contributor to getting more results from my website?
  2. Does it attract or detract from the vision of my website?
  3. Will it compete with or contribute to the overall purpose of my website?

If it all adds up go for the new accessory. If you're not sure test it out.

Keeping the vision and purpose of your website in mind will help eliminate a lot of wasted time.

If for some reason you don't know what the heck your website is supposed to be doing, well that's a problem.

Stop what you're doing on your website and write down its vision and purpose. You'd never build an offline business without it, so why should your online business not have it.

Fashion faux pas don't happen when you know where you're going and why.