Virtual Hired Hand - Your Website Should Include A Blog

When was the last time you went to your family physician’s website?

Yesterday I went to my chiropractor’s website and realized why I don’t stop by often. It also plays a huge factor in the importance of blogging.

Did you figure out the last time you went to your physician’s website? Taking a wild guess, I’ll say, not recently, if ever.

For those of you that will surprise me and say yes I’ve been to the website, was it to look up the address? get directions? find the phone number? or get the hours of operation?

If that’s the case, let’s exclude those scenarios. When you visit a website and you’re not looking for what has been previously named, what are you looking for?

That very thing is what people coming to your website are also looking for.


The quickest way to display all of these is in your blog posts.

Have you heard or said the following as an excuse for not having a blog on your website:

For my business model, I don’t need a blog.

I don’t see how it applies to my business.

I sell products, so I don’t need to blog.

Sure you can say these are valid reasons, however does it address the purpose of your website? Is there a purpose for your website?

Let’s say the purpose of your website is to get potential clients interested in what you have to offer whether it be a product or service.

And once the purpose is fulfilled, how will you get them to return again and again?

For the most part you’ve probably visited a website one time after receiving a business card. It could be out of curiosity or because you are genuinely interested in what the person is offering.

Once you’ve gone to the website, what is it that causes you to remember the website link and return at a later time?

Going back to your physician’s website, do you frequently visit? Do you know the link or a portion of it to search? Probably not.

For the websites you do remember, what causes you to go back?

  • Could it be the connection you have because you feel like you know there’s a person behind the business?
  • Is it the information it provides that you find valuable and insightful?
  • Is it due to the knowledge and experience of the person behind the website that keeps you coming back?
  • Or all of the above?

This is why you should be blogging because helps connect you to the people you are looking to reach.

You may have the best product on the market, the most innovative solutions, and topnotch service, however if it’s not clear right away potential clients will never know.

This is how opportunities are easily missed. We’re in a new day where people want to connect with the person behind the Co, LLC, Inc, etc. Do you even know the business names of your favorite websites or do you just know the name behind it? There was a time when we cared about Co, LLC, Inc, etc, but it’s
a new day and instead people want to know more about the person behind it all.

The best way to connect with people is through blogging. It opens a whole new world of opportunity for your business.

Give them a reason to come back.

If you’re still questioning whether or not to include a blog on your website, revisit the example of your physician’s website. The same feelings you have about it, others will have about your website if you don’t offer connection first.

If blogging has helped your business in anyway, please add a comment below and share your experience.

If you just aren’t sure about this blogging thing, please also add your comments below.