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In college I worked as an afterschool counselor. It was the best job for a college student. We were paid $10/hr to play with elementary school kids until their parents picked them up at 6pm. Each day they’d get a snack along with their choice of 2 stations for playtime, a movie, or homework.

One day I got completely surprised by a first grader. I will never forget her, Sarah. She was absolutely adorable. This particular day I was assigned the homework station and Sarah eagerly joined my group. I asked if she had any homework and she said no. Instead, she had to write something to take home. I learned that Sarah’s parents gave her projects to do when there was no homework.

Her project was to write an article based on a picture she’d torn out of a magazine. I was amazed! I can only imagine the type of creativity that stirs up in a child? I stood in amazement as she headed to the table eagerly opening her folder and pulling out the picture that would inspire her story.

That was so many years ago. I’m curious to know what happened to Sarah. Did she become a writer or even a blogger as a result of this? I may never know.

Sarah’s project is a demonstration of how loudly pictures speak. Today we put pics up on Facebook and other social sharing mediums without thinking about what our pictures are saying.

Let’s have a little fun and pull from Sarah’s project.

There are 4 pictures in this blog post. Please answer the questions below as quickly as you can. Put no thought in it.

Imagine you just clicked to go to a Facebook page and this is the profile pic.


Virtual Hired Hand - Web Design
Virtual Hired Hand - Web DesignVirtual Hired Hand - Web Design

You see when we’re quickly glancing pictures we’re making immediate decisions about the person we’re looking at whether we realize it or not.

Once you’ve completed the survey, share in the comments your thoughts on this exercise and whether it has made a difference in the pictures you put on your profile or how you see others from now own.

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