When Was The Last Time You Gave Your Website A Touchup?
by Tiffany Johnson
We got a facelift! Yep our website and social media channels have been transformed to all go with each other.

I’ve been holding out for a while and even had the Facebook cover for a couple of months that looked completely different from our website. Did you notice?

It shouldn’t ever be that way. You want to always make sure people realize it’s you no matter what link they click on, whether it’s your website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or anywhere else. It should always look like you.

After making the switch I’m feeling refreshed like it’s a whole new website, new me:) I like the brighter feel of the site and seems to be more fun and open. I’m far from stuffy so this website should be no where near it.

When was the last time you gave your website a refresh?

It’s been almost a year for us. When you start getting tired of looking at your own website the way it is, it’s probably time for a little sprucing up.

I used to teach group fitness and we’d do the same choreography and music for about 6 weeks and then we’d have to change it. Otherwise the members got tired of it and we the instructors got tired of it too.

You know what happens when you’re tired of looking at something or hearing something? You stop. You no longer look at it or hear it. You basically try to avoid it all cost. No way should this be happening with your online real estate. No way!

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