Be Your Authentic Self On Your Website Years ago, Chris Rock did a joke regarding dating. He basically said when you meet someone for the first time you're not meeting them, you're meeting their representative. They're presenting the person they think you want to see.

I remember the first time I interviewed for a corporate position. I was in high school and it was for a summer internship. My mom and I went all over town looking for the perfect navy blue suit, medium heeled navy blue pumps, and a button up blouse.

I even got a leather padfolio to hold a legal pad and calculator. I was seriously ready for my interview. However, I felt extremely awkward, but this was how things were done. Right?

If I had known then what I know now, I would have have been okay with the fact that a business suit wasn't my thing. It's like playing dress up, but definitely doesn't speak to my personality or image.

A suit makes me feel like I'm being a fake professional. I'm not saying anyone who wears a suit is faking it, I'm saying when I wear a suite that's how it makes me feel. I'm much more professional in dressy casual attire with a pair of high heel boots.

I'm most comfortable when I'm my authentic self. This same concept applies to your website.

The way you approach your web projects is completely different when you embrace your authentic self and what you like as opposed to what you've been told. There's a difference between getting advice and being told what to do.

Are you allowing the gurus to tell you what to do with YOUR website?

Does your website look like it belongs to a corporate lawyer as opposed to a fitness expert?

Do you have fire red as your main color because someone said it will really grab visitors attention? But you are a mellow personality and fire red is completely opposite from your authentic self.

When there's a disconnect between who you are and your website, your visitors will feel that as well. It will come off in your blog posts because your voice and webstyle don't match.

Your website is an extension of you, just like the clothes you wear. If you're not real everyone will see straight through you.

When selecting colors, style, and images for your header choose based on what appeals to YOU, not the masses. YOUR AUDIENCE LOVES YOU, not your representative!