Virtual Hire Hand - WordPress Blog Snob

If you don’t know already, I’m a WordPress Blog Snob. I encourage all of my clients who are open to suggestions to move into WordPress. It completely frees them up from having a webmaster.

I know that seems really strange coming from me since that is the foundation of our business. However, I believe in empowering my clients to understand their website and not be completely dependent. For the most part people don’t mind doing minor updates, however when things start getting sticky or there’s a hiccup, they call on me. The goal is to get your website up and running so you’ll become so busy because of your business you just don’t have time to make the updates.

Are you stuck at the WordPress Blog Snob part?

You Might Be A WordPress Blog Snob If:

  • While reading different blogs you check out how the link is structured. In other words, you’re looking for the hyphens between the words
  • You look for WordPress in the footer of the website
  • You after seeing WordPress in the footer, you mouse over the link to see if it’s or

I know, really nerdy, but so much fun:) Whatever you’re doing on your website it should not be dissatisfying labor. It should fun and full of satisfaction. This is why I promote WordPress so much. Anytime a new client comes to me I encourage them to get into WordPress.

We’ve narrowed the websites we work on to just WordPress, HTML and PHP. If a client has Flash or ASP, we’ll work on it if they’re requesting to be moved into WordPress.

The process of working with us usually goes as follows:

I’ll receive an email with an inquiry about our services or requesting an estimate based on XYZ. I in turn provide the information or request a scheduled quick chat to further discuss their needs.

One recent client interview caused me to LOL, yes literally.

The prospective client asked: “I’m not trying to be funny, but if WordPress is free what do I need you for?”

My response: Great question!

The fact is you don’t need me for WordPress, the software is free. However, I’ve had a lot of clients with WordPress who didn’t know what to do after that or they just didn’t want to deal with it. The reason you’d call on me or someone else is so you can move on with your business. As long as you’re tinkering and watching video tutorials on WordPress your business is not earning any revenue.

Recently I had another prospective client tell me she wished she’d met me sooner because she spent way too much time trying to figure out her website and not generating any income doing so.

The best advice I’ve ever heard given to business owners and yes, it’s a win-win for me is “If it takes you longer than an hour to do it….OUTSOURCE It!”

The next time you’re struggling on an issue or biting your nails trying to figure out what to do and before you pull your hair out, email someone for help. Your business, your clients, and your family will thank you for it.

Now it’s your turn, tell me, are you a WordPress Blog Snob?