Your Virtual Hired Hand Season Two and Facebook Live Software, So Many Choices

Sometimes you just have to start right in the middle. If you think to long about it, you’ll find yourself wasting time trying to go back and start again. Instead move forward on to the new thing.

This is what I finally had to tell myself after going back and forth regarding what to do with Tips N Tech With Tiffany. I’ll be honest the different Facebook Live software got me frustrated. I wanted to be able to share my screen without moving my phone every time to adjust it so you could see what I was seeing.

I even wrote in my journal to delete every Facebook Live Tips N Tech and update the videos on my blog to use the YouTube version so everything would all be uniform going forward. I came to my senses and thought look it’s only six episodes, move forward.

Regarding the Facebook Live software, you may know I’ve tested:

onSocial by Bluejeans – It was the first software I used where you could go live and also have webinar going at the same time. It even allows you to add additional people on screen with you and also share your screen. What I didn’t like about it, there was this one box I couldn’t move for the life of me while trying to show my screen. It was annoying. Hopefully they’ve fixed it by now.

Testing BeLive.TV

BeLive.TV – This is the latest and “greatest” that you’ll see and hear people talking about. It helps make your Facebook Live more interactive like adding comments from viewers on to the screen, put questions from viewers on thescreen, create an agenda that only you see. Put your name or Facebook Live title in the bottom left of your screen. You can even change it mid-broadcast. It’s really cool EXCEPT, you cannot share your screen. It also does not allow you to include the autogenerated closed caption on your replay. (Ummm, adding this to my list of
things to show you.)

Using – This is another software similar to Bluejeans because it is also a webinar/meeting platform that allows you to go live on Facebook during your actual webinar. Very cool because the same functionality that works during your webinar also works for your Facebook live and replay. This one is my favorite so far and I’ve been using it a lot. There are also no issues with closed captioning.

Facebook Live From Desktop

Directly from Facebook on your Desktop – Yes, finally after all of this Facebook has added this capability. If you haven’t seen it yet, use Chrome as your browser and see if you can find this (see image below). I’ve given this a thumbs down because my audio and video did not sync on the replay. I hadn’t had this issue since switching from using another third party software, I won’t mention because it’s obsolete at this point since we have all these other options. If you don’t have it yet, it’s coming keep checking.

In conclusion, I went back to basics and started using my iPhone for Facebook LIVE. LOL! I know, but here’s what happened…

Zoom was taking forever one day, so I just went to my iPhone before I lost my nerve. I noticed immediately the picture quality was much better on my phone. The end…unless I want to show my screen then I’ll use Zoom šŸ™‚ If you choose to go live from your phone, make sure you turn it horizontal otherwise, you see like a shadowy figure of you on both sides. You’ve seen it, hard to describe and I don’t want to call anyone out, so no screenshots of that šŸ˜‰

Now that you have the update to what’s happening in the world of Facebook Live as of today, you can see the possibilities are endless. They just keep coming. Choose what works best for you.

Oh, and if you missed any of the previous Tips N Tech with Tiffany, you can find Season One here on the website.

If you’ve gotten this far…YAY!! Here’s the main reason for this post, to share that Season II is coming. It’s a new season, new look, and new name…..

Your Virtual Hired Hand

Simple right? Not sure why I was over complicating things for myself. They’ll be lots of great teach content for you. You’ll receive an update each week. It will be posted on my Vlog. Yes, that’s changed too!!

I look forward to serving you this season.

P.S – If you need personal technical assistance, contact me here. We assist with websites, podcasts, and social media under certain conditions like actually having content to posts.

Thanks so much for your time!!